The Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing for Houston Vehicle Owners

By admin_rcw on 23 April 17 Car Wash

By learning more on the car detailing process, Houston vehicle owners can make more effective decisions on the type of service they want for their vehicle. Our experts here at Royal Car Wash have considerable market experience, and within this latest post, we’ll present our ultimate guide to the car detailing process.

  • Remove Dust and Dirt from the Interior

Before tackling the exterior of the vehicle, the first step detailing professionals take is to remove the dust and dirt gathered in the interior. They’ll clean and vacuum between seat cushions and under vehicle mats to remove the dirt gathered. They’ll then look for stains on the interior furnishings and try to remove them with special cleaners.

  • Clean Interior of Windows

Oftentimes it’s the interior of the vehicle’s windows that require cleaning the most. During the vehicle detailing process, the experts will use special glass cleaner to remove dirt and debris from interior window spaces to provide a clear view outside.

  • Clean the Wheels

The next step in the process is to focus on the wheels. The experts will remove the trapped dirt and contaminants within the wheel wells. They will also clean wheel coverings to minimize instances of rust and degradation that will affect vehicle performance over the long-term.

  • Wash the Exterior

Now it’s time to take on the entire exterior of the vehicle. This is one of the most time-consuming elements of the car detailing process for Houston experts. They use professional-grade cleaning products to remove stuck-on contaminants from the framing of the vehicle. They then carefully go over each millimeter of the car to examine its exterior and remove debris. Some companies use paint clay as a way to protect the vehicle coat during the cleaning process.

  • Polish the Vehicle

The vehicle is then polished to retain its shine and to maximize the return on investment from the car detailing process. During the polishing of the vehicle, the professional will analyze any irregularities in the vehicle surface and use the polish to ensure the optimal vehicle appearance.

Wax the Exterior

Finally, wax will be added to the exterior of the vehicle to protect the exterior and ensure that any aesthetic issues from scratches are mitigated over the long-term.

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It’s a process that helps keep your vehicle in great conditioning moving forward. To discover more on the car detailing process, contact our Houston team today!

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