The Step by Step Process for Car Washing from Our Detailing Experts in Houston

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Vehicle owners spend millions of dollars maintaining their vehicles each year. But oftentimes they don’t have a full understanding on the benefits of the vehicle washing process. This can leave them to choose ineffective companies and to make mistakes in trying to keep their vehicle in peak condition. To help drivers save money over the coming years, our Houston car detailing experts are presenting a step by step guide to the car washing process.

Washing the Vehicle

The first step is to complete a full wash of the exterior of the vehicle. Use the two-bucket method to avoid placing contaminants on the vehicle’s paintwork and to avoid scratching the paint. The vehicle should be washed by a manufacturer-recommended soap to ensure the optimal level of cleaning performance over several years.

Drying the Vehicle

Once the vehicle has been washed, it’s important to dry the vehicle using a high-quality blower. This will help to limit the amount of water spots after the cleaning process and will ensure the vehicle’s paintwork is protected against degradation.

Use Clay on the Vehicle

Many people have not heard of clay barring vehicles. But the process can help to limit damage to the exterior in comparison to some polishing and buffing products. Clay helps vehicle owners to achieve a high level of shine from their paintwork. It is also less abrasive than other materials. When the clay barring work has been completed, owners will achieve a completely smooth finish that is comfortable to touch and looks immaculate.

Prepare the Vehicle

Once the clay work has been completed, it’s important to remove any leftover residue still on the vehicle. The clay is sometimes sticky and can get between window fittings. And so, professionals use high quality car detailing products to remove all clay material.

Inspect the Vehicle

Once the cleaning work has been completed, the professional car cleaning and detailing company will inspect the vehicle for the Houston owner. They’ll look at to see if any soap or other residue is still on the vehicle. They’ll also make sure all areas are dry and clean before giving it back to the owner. This process helps identify any issues that might require further work.

Our trusted team at Royal Carwash & Detail Center is here to guide the car cleaning and detailing process for Houston vehicle owners. To learn more on our work, contact us today!

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