Shocking Information on the Importance of the Car Wash and Wax Process

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In taking on the car wash and wax process, it’s important for local vehicle owners to understand the value this process will provide in protecting their vehicle over the coming years. The team at Royal Car Wash has great experience within the vehicle maintenance field, and we work tirelessly to keep vehicles in optimal condition over many years. Within this latest post, we’ll explore the importance of the car wash and wax process for vehicle owners.

Wax Protects Against UV Rays

New research has shown the value of the car wax and wash process in protecting vehicles against the damage caused by UV rays. The sun’s rays can harm vehicle paint, potentially changing the color of the vehicle and causing significant damage to the exterior over time. This environmental damage to the vehicle exterior will limit the value of the owner’s investment. By simply using wax on the vehicle on a regular basis, vehicle owners can safeguard their car and achieve their ideal return should they choose to sell in future.

Salt Damages the Metal Exterior

We know that salt has a significantly damaging effect on the interior of the vehicle, entering into crevices and causing degradation over time. But new studies show that salt also causes lasting damage to metal components on the exterior of the vehicle. And this means that vehicle owners must use the wash and wax process to protect their car. Salt eats into the exterior of the car and can then expose the elements underneath, such as vehicle components to environmental degradation. This process leads to the rusting of components, and limits the lifetime value of the vehicle. By using the car wash and wax process to remove the salt from the roads, vehicle owners can save thousands of dollars in vehicle maintenance over the coming years.

Automatic Washes May Damage Vehicles

The new data from across the vehicle maintenance field also shows that owners risk damaging their vehicles during the automatic wash process. Automatic processes can scratch components, and are only designed for a one-size-fits-all approach. This may mean larger or smaller than average vehicles aren’t cleaned to the required levels. Only by turning to professionals for hand washing of their vehicles can owners safeguard the value of their car over time.

By working with the experts at Royal Car Wash & Detail Center, you can save money on vehicle maintenance and keep your car in its peak condition over the coming years. Book today to begin the cleaning process.

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