Quality Care & The Best Cleaning FOR YOUR CAR

  • Royal Wash Services

    “The Works “ $30

    -Soft Cloth Exterior Wash,- Vacuum interior,- Clean windows, -Damp Wipe interior, -Dry exterior,
    -Sealer Wax,- Air Freshener, -Wheel Brite, -Armor-all tires – Triple Clear Coat,-Armor-all dash, console and interior door panels

    “PLUS” $22

    -Soft Cloth Exterior Wash, -Vacuum interior, -Clean windows, -Damp Wipe interior, -Dry exterior
    -Sealer Wax, -Air Freshener, -Wheel Brite, & Armor-all tires

    “Full Service” $16

    Soft Cloth Exterior Wash,- Vacuum interior, -Clean windows, Sealer Wax, -Damp Wipe interior, Dry exterior

  • Royal Detailing Services

    Express Wash starting at $45

    -Hand applied, -machine buff exterior

    Express Carpet Shampoo starting at $45

    -Pre-spot heavy soil and stains on all carpets

    Express Seat Shampoo starting at $45

    -Shampoo cloth seats or clean and condition leather seats

  • Royal Specials

    Hand Wash starting at $25

    Vacuum interior, -Hand Wash exterior

    Early Bird Wash $12

    Monday thru Friday 8am to 10am ( same as regular Full Service Wash @ $16 )

    XPRESS Wash $6

    -Exterior Wash ONLY