June 2017

A Guide to the Car Wash Process for Houston Drivers

By admin_rcw on 8 June 17 Car Wash

While it might seem like a simple activity, improper washing of your vehicle can have a significantly damaging impact on the car over time. It’s why so many drivers are spending thousands of dollars on maintenance for new vehicles each year. In this latest post, our team will present a quick guide to the car […]

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Shocking Information on the Importance of the Car Wash and Wax Process

By admin_rcw on 3 June 17 Car Wash

In taking on the car wash and wax process, it’s important for local vehicle owners to understand the value this process will provide in protecting their vehicle over the coming years. The team at Royal Car Wash has great experience within the vehicle maintenance field, and we work tirelessly to keep vehicles in optimal condition […]

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